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Real Estate Membership

Our real estate membership is designed for the DIY marketing Realtor to have access to content, trainings, accountability, and more! Get access to content for social, mailers, flyers, and more with our real estate membership!

Content Connection: Get access to content for social, mailers, flyers, and more! Download and use as is or order your selected content piece to be customized for you!

Marketing Mentor: Get access to marketing workshops, trainings, and power hours to increase your marketing knowledge and have accountability!

Community: Ask questions of J Collective and other Realtors in the community. Suggest content pieces and additional needs.

Real Estate Consulting & Strategy Session

One Time Strategy Session

One-time strategy sessions are a great way to go over an upcoming listing presentation, talk through how to market a listing, go into social media best practices, set up your sphere outreach plan or other one-off marketing needs that you want to talk through to get feedback and next steps.

$200 / session

Strategy Package

The strategy package is the same as the one-time option but gives a 25% discount.


We Also Offer...

  • Database / SOI Marketing

  • Luxury Listing Marketing

  • Farming

  • Social Media Management

  • Personal Branding

  • Property Realtor Websites

  • Buy/Sell Books & Presentations

  • Developments

For CRM & Digital Marketing Services...

For CRM & Digital Marketing Services...

For All Other Industry's...