Meet the Team


Jamie Slough

Founder & CEO

I’m Jamie Slough, Owner and Founder of J Collective. I was 11 years old when I discovered what marketing was. My brain had always “worked that way,” but I didn’t know there was a name for it, let alone a career made out of it! I’ve strived to own my marketing agency ever since, and it’s still very surreal to realize that accomplishment with J Collective.

I designed my education around Journalism, Marketing, Design, and Business with my Bachelor’s and two postgraduate degrees, including my MBA. I’ve worked in multiple areas of marketing across industries and discovered my passion for real estate in 2012, when I was brought on as the Marketing Director for a luxury real estate brokerage in Colorado. A few years later, I got my Colorado license and transitioned to a full-time Realtor. I co-founded a top-producing team, mentored new agents, and still love educating Realtors on marketing. I’ve had the honor of speaking at annual meetings, trainings, and conferences around the country on real estate marketing, and I keep an active license to stay up to date on the market.

When I’m not working, you can find me camping with my amazing family and doing my best to figure out that work-life balance.


Marisol Rocha
Marketing Coordinator

Hi Hi! I'm Marisol Rocha, Marketing Coordinator at J Collective. I grew up in Truckee, CA, just up the hill. I earned two bachelor's degrees from California State University, Chico, where I studied journalism with a focus on public relations and Spanish. During my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. I'm also a native Spanish speaker and a first-generation college graduate!

Graduating during the pandemic in 2021 brought me back to my hometown of Truckee, where I kicked off my career at a boutique PR & Marketing firm, focusing greatly on public relations (but I learned all the things)! At the end 2023, I ventured to the Reno greater area with my significant other, opening up new opportunities. It was here that I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Jamie and her business, starting a new chapter in my professional endeavors.

Beyond my passion for marketing and public relations, I thrive on living a life full of adventure. Having traveled to 16 countries, I've gained a wealth of experiences that have helped shape me. Despite my love for travel, I also appreciate the simple pleasures, like walking at the Sparks Marina and I'm a sucker for a good meal in an aesthetically pleasing restaurant with an overpriced cocktail. 

Fun fact: I have a personal trainer and I LOVE health and wellness.


Jennifer Bourne
Operations Coordinator

I'm Jennifer Bourne, Operations Coordinator (I like to go by Chaos Coordinator) at J Collective! With a background in education and business administration, I've always been fascinated by the intersection of structure and creativity. Total organization nerd here! You'll often find me geeking out over spreadsheets and systems, reveling in the art of bringing order to chaos.

Based in the heart of the Midwest, I've built my life around my passions. When I'm not diving into the world of organization, you'll likely find me immersed in the joys of homeschooling my two wonderful kids. I love spending quality moments with my husband and kiddos!