Meet the Team


Jamie Slough

Founder & CEO

I’m Jamie Slough, Owner and Founder of J Collective. I was 11 years old when I discovered what marketing was. My brain had always “worked that way,” but I didn’t know there was a name for it, let alone a career made out of it! I’ve strived to own my marketing agency ever since, and it’s still very surreal to realize that accomplishment with J Collective.

I designed my education around Journalism, Marketing, Design, and Business with my Bachelor’s and two postgraduate degrees, including my MBA. I’ve worked in multiple areas of marketing across industries and discovered my passion for real estate in 2012, when I was brought on as the Marketing Director for a luxury real estate brokerage in Colorado. A few years later, I got my Colorado license and transitioned to a full-time Realtor. I co-founded a top-producing team, mentored new agents, and still love educating Realtors on marketing. I’ve had the honor of speaking at annual meetings, trainings, and conferences around the country on real estate marketing, and I keep an active license to stay up to date on the market.

When I’m not working, you can find me camping with my amazing family and doing my best to figure out that work-life balance.


McKenna Anderson
Marketing Coordinator

Greetings! I am McKenna, the Marketing Coordinator for J Collective- where I bring a unique blend of skills honed through five years of collegiate softball and a Bachelor's degree in Communications earned in 2021. Embracing change, I relocated to Reno with my family, opening doors to a fulfilling opportunity with J Collective's remarkable Marketing Team.

My professional journey intertwines creativity and strategy as I craft compelling narratives and contribute to innovative marketing campaigns. The principles instilled in me during my softball years, such as teamwork and discipline, continue to influence my approach to work and life. Beyond the office, my love for sports persists, serving as a testament to the valuable lessons learned on the softball field. As a Marketing Coordinator, a seasoned athlete, and a communication enthusiast, my commitment lies in contributing my skills to the ongoing success of J Collective, leaving an indelible mark on the dynamic world of marketing.


Nella Dietz
Client Services Coordinator

I am a mother to 3 beautiful children. I have an incredible love of my life and a very loving family. My passions are loving the Lord, caring for my home and family, and writing and performing music. I take joy in outside activities like gardening, sports, and anything on the mountain or in the water. I am a big homebody as well. I love cooking and baking, gaming with my kids, and making a house feel like a home. I went to college when I was younger and started my music performing locally in Red Bluff, CA, as well as all over California.

Then I moved to Nashville, Tennesse when I heard the music life calling my name again. After a year of performing, I decided to take time off to start a family by moving back to California. I went back to college to complete more units and work. Now, I live in Grass Valley and work from home in a marketing job that I love and truly enjoy. I have much to be grateful for and want to focus my life on providing for my family while raising my incredible children and teaching them to love and serve others.