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Is your brand protected? ...Mine wasn't and it cost me $$$!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Do you remember when my brand was The Brand Therapist? I LOVED my brand! It embodied me - Both personally and professionally.

...And you know how I preach #BeYourOwnBrand!

I invested tons of time, energy, and, creating that brand.

So why is that not still the brand I'm using today?

Trademark Infringement. That's right! With years of branding and marketing experience, I had never really educated myself on trademarks, nor had it ever crossed my mind to incorporate it into my services for my clients. That's a legal thing! Right?

Right...BUT, after going through it personally, it's something I am now passionate about educating my clients on so they don't have to relive my mistake. (And my experience with trademark infringement was nowhere near as severe as it could have been.)

I abandoned my brand, literally overnight, to avoid further financial repercussions.

I called my attorney in full-on panic mode (who just happens to specialize in trademark law) and we got to work dissolving my brand...and what felt like a part of me.

I had the domain name, social handles and DBA for The Brand Therapist, so thought I was set. How wrong I was!

This is why at J Collective, we recommend all of our clients consult a trademark attorney during our branding process. There is nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul (and money) creating a brand, just to lose it all...except getting sued and/or having to pay to rebrand while losing income-producing time with clients in the process...that would be worse! I am thankful that I just had to rebrand, but it took a big hit emotionally and had to halt all client work to rebrand immediately. I have not calculated how much money I lost in time, branding and marketing, and client work through this experience because, honestly, I don't want to know. The emotional toll was enough. Whether you work with J Collective for your branding or marketing needs, do it yourself, or have another creative, do yourself a favor and do your due diligence to protect your brand. Need a trademark attorney? Check out Courtney English at Upscale Law. She has been an asset to us at J Collective! Need help with your brand? Contact us to get started today!

- Jamie Slough Founder, Marketing & Brand Strategist | J Collective

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