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Good Things Take Time

We know good things take time…but we sure are impatient!

So we are rebranding our way...a little bit at a time - Because we just couldn’t wait!

While launching all at once sounds great, it just doesn't work for us. (Our clients will continue to be our priority and we reserve most of our time for them.)

After a recent team discussion, we thought our own brand evolution was a great opportunity to talk about rebranding and the process.

I'm a huge believer that you have to be your own brand and there’s no one size fits all. For some brands that means a strategic all at one launch (or relaunch), for others (like us), it’s a one step at a time transition.

Your rebrand may be somewhere in between. The important thing is understanding your brand and what is right for you.

Don’t stress over the details, create a plan, and start implementing. There’s no such thing as perfect and things will definitely change as you go.

Thinking about a rebrand but overwhelmed by the process? Let's have a convo!

And remember…good things take time. 🤗

- Jamie Slough Founder, Marketing & Brand Strategist | J Collective

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