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Bittersweet New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

February 1st has been a day of bittersweet new beginnings over the past few years.

3 years ago that meant the first official day on my own after making the very difficult decision to leave an incredible team and brand I had co-created to rediscover myself and my own brand.

Last year it meant driving away from our home state of 14 years and the only home my son had ever known to start a new chapter in our lives.

Both of these came with a sense of sadness and loss (bitter), as well as excitement and hope for the future (sweet).

"Change your thoughts and you change your world." - Norman Vincent Peale This quote resonated with me through both of these major life changes and does again for tomorrow as I make another major life change.

....but this time no bitter...only sweet ❤️

After several years and brand evolutions, I am so excited to announce the next phase of my brand and business from "Jamie Slough Co" to "J Collective".

This has been years in the making and I'm so excited to share more tomorrow, February 1st, as it is the only day that seemed fitting. 🥂

- Jamie Slough Founder, Marketing & Brand Strategist | J Collective

Change your thoughts and change your world.

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